Posted by: chamatz | March 31, 2008

Plizz don’t die…and stay 4 live…

i’m sorry if i can’t look after u verry well…

when u have sick, i can’t heal u…

now, i just hope that u can live…

live more than now..

i miss u’re happyness…

u’re cute…

u’re funny..

u make me smiling…

i miss u…

so, pliz don’t die and stay for little cat..

to my little cat in the “kostan”…cepet sembuh ya..



  1. iren ikut mendoakan Matz…

  2. innalillahi wa inna ilahi rojiun….


  3. oh my God,
    kasihan sekali kucingmu itu… huhu..

  4. chamatz..
    anak kucing yang lahir di kamar iren mati semua…
    ditinggalin ibunya….
    hiks hiks….

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